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BONUS for new wholesale members. All orders placed and paid between now and the end of June 2012 qualify for an automatic 5% loyalty discount. So join now, it's FREE!

Three Standard Discount Plans

1/ Bulk Discount plan for 2012.

The following discounts will be received and applied as a discount in the "Payment" section of the checkout:

  • Order $110+ Value of Lamps and receive a 1% discount on Lamps
  • Order $220+ Value of Lamps and receive a 2% discount on Lamps
  • Order $330+ Value of Lamps and receive a 3% discount on Lamps
  • Order $440+ Value of Lamps and receive a 4% discount on Lamps
  • Order $550+ Value of Lamps and receive a 5% discount on Lamps

2/ Loyalty
Discount plan for 2012.

Customers who order regularly or have a high annual spend may be offered loyalty rewards of a further 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% or 5% on all purchases over and above bulk discounts. A number of factors are used to determine the discount and terms may vary from time to time without notice.

Discount is at the discretion of The Way of the Lamp.

So that's discounts up to 10% & potential Freight Credits also!

3/ Freight Credits

How do Freight Credits work?

Each order has a unique packing and shipping configuration, so we may be able to ship your entire order at a better rate than the shopping cart calculates.

If so, and we make a saving, we will share that saving back to you.

If you pay using credit card or PayPal we will refund the freight credit within 48 hours of shipping back into you method of payment. If you pay by bank deposit or cheque we will place a credit on your account for future use and email you to confirm amount of credit.

Amount of freight credit is determined on an order by order basis and at our discretion.

Please note:
Since we calculate our freight for a worse case scenario (Registered Post) it may be higher than Fastway Couriers or our Special Australia Post Rates. If you are concerned about the shipping calculation simply message me with your order and the quoted freight amount. I can work out in advance your freight credit if you qualify for one.

Payments accepted:
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque/Money Order (Allow up to seven days to clear)
  • Payment Upon Pick Up
  • Credit Card please use PayPal payment method - Using PayPal SSL encryption
  • PayPal - Using PayPal SSL encryption 

Welcome to The Way of the Lamp &
Thanks for your future patronage.

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